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grape raisins
From the province of San Juan in Argentina, we produce grape raisins for export.
Grown in our own vineyards, we thoroughly watch over the early stages of grape raisin processing in order to guarantee the best quality possible.
Meló e Hijos S.A Industries is a family business specialized, among other things, in grape raisin production and trade.

Many years’ experience in this industry account for the excellence of our products. Supported by suitable personnel, our dedication and commitment to quality make us look for new markets.

Thus, we are ready to face the challenge of this demanding market with dedication, passion and experience, making sure that more and more clients choose us as their suppliers.
The grapes chosen for the drying processing come from our own farms in 9 de Julio and Sarmiento districts, what enables us to control the quality of the product from the early stages of the cropping cycle.

The varieties implanted are: sultana, flame, arizul, muscadel, fiesta and superior.

All our farms are worked by a specialized staff and under the advice of an agronomist.

Each property has a drip irrigation system that covers the complete extension of land.
Meló e Hijos is situated in Santa Lucia, in the province of San Juan in Argentina.

Our province is known for its hot and dry weather which is ideal for this business; we have high temperatures around 45°C in summer and temperatures as low as -6°C in winter, with an average annual rainfall of 92mm.

These features make our province the ideal setting for the growing and drying of grapes. Moreover, 95% of the grape production in Argentina comes from San Juan due to thaw from the Andes.